We are students of 1^C

Friday we went to the Besta’s vegetable garden.

We looked at different plants, vegetables and flower.

In this year with the teacher of English science we studied seeds, the cycle of life, flowers, photosintesys and roots, so we could identify all different types of plants.There was  a corner for insects and animals like bees. There was also a green house where there were different types of vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, salad and beans. There were also compost bins near the artichokes. There were different types of flower like lavender, thyme and rosemary. There were also lemon and orange trees. We liked this garden very much because it made us go through science all in English.

Scritto da Asia Carloni, Marco Governatori, Lorenzo Luminati, Gaia Quattrini, con il contributo di Elisa Sensini, Stefano Sugoni e tutta la 1^ C.

Un grazie enorme alla prof.ssa Costanzi.