On March 18th, 16 Dutch students arrived in our town Orte. The first evening we introduced them to our family and made them feel comfortable in our home.
The next day we spent a wonderful morning in the town of Vasanello and its countryside.
On the 20th of March we took our friends to Viterbo, we visited the city in the morning and enjoyed shopping in the afternoon.
On the 21th the Dutch students left for Rome, while we stayed in school. We got back together in the evening for a nice dinner in a typical pizzeria restaurant.
On Friday the 22nd of March we spent the morning together in our school and we hang out in the afternoon. That evening we had a great dinner together with our teachers and our parents in a famous restaurant “Del Gelsomino” and we had a fantastic dinner.
On Saturday 23rd we took our Dutch mates to explore the misterious underground tunnel sistem of our town. In the afternoon we stayed all together and we went around the town.
The next day we spent the morning at the Marmore waterfalls, while in the afternoon we played volleyball at Vico lake.
On the 25th we took our friends to the train station and we saw them leave. We were sad but we knew that we would see them soon.
In fact a week later on the 30th of March four people of our class went to the Netherlands. We stayed there with their families for one week.
During the week we visited Amsterdam. In this incredible city we visited the naval museum and the city center.
Our friends are from Hoogeveen and that is where we stayed. Hoogeveen is a beautiful and colorful Dutch town.
The last evening we had our goodbye dinner in a farm. It was a very emotional and sad moment because we love our new friends very much.